Notes English

All my works are modifying the default objects.
I will not support@or guarantee any of my work.
You may take the risk of any trouble that may happen.
My work is not perfect. Please keep that in mind.
Feel free to re-destribute and/or modify and then re-distribute.
However, do NOT remove the credits Youmay on the objects ONLY.
You don't need to contact me.
However, if you inform me, I am so pleased and I visit you.
Thank you!

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Notas Portugues

Todos meus trabalhos sao modificacoes do default object.
Meu trabalho nao e' perfeito, portanto, nao posso te dar suporte,
nem posso assumir responsabilidade dos problemas decorrentes e portanto
nao posso aceitar reclamacoes.
Voce sera' responsavel por risco e dificuldade que podera' acontecer.
Voce pode alterar o programa e redistribuir meu trabalho para quem quiser,
porem, nao apague o nome do credito "Youmay" constante nos objetos.
Voce nao precisa me contactar, mas se fizer, eu agradeco e com certeza
visitarei seu home page ou website.

Each objects that require's a specific expantion pack are marked as follows.
House Party = PF, Hot Date=HD, Vacation=V, Uunleashed=UL, Superstar=SS, Makin'Magic=MM

Object C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimPeople\GameData\UserObject
Floor C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimPeople\GameData\Floor
Wall  C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimPeople\GameData\Walls

* C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimPeople\ExpansionPack3\SkinsBuy (or \UserObject)

You can register your site to my site. However, registration of the site and
invitation site for business cannot be performed.
Banner You link or do not link my site. It's all the same to me.
However, Please do NOT HOT LINK anything in my site.

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